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Crafting a comfy space

"You won't find any modernist box developments in this neighborhood," says Cassandra Corum as she offers a tour of her Koreatown home. Indeed, the two-story Craftsman that Corum shares with Shannon Reese looks out over a tree-lined street in a historic preservation district populated with stately homes. Located between downtown L.A. and Hancock Park, the neighborhood feels of another era – one where side-by-side, six-bedroom, single-family homes were the norm.

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On Gardening: Near-perfect Mysty, a hot commodity this spring

Mysty will be the hottest plant at the garden center this spring, and it's likely, everyone will want several. Mysty is the dazzling new compact salvia indigo spires that was the talk of all the trials last year. Most trials score on a 1-5 scale, and Mysty was well over 4 at Young Plant Trials in Alabama, UGA Trials in Athens, Ga., and at the prestigious Penn State Trials, it was near perfect.

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Beyond Craigslist: 3 easy ways to sell your stuff online

Over the years, tastes change, life stages progress and styles evolve. And if you're anything like me, you buy new stuff every time one of those things happen, accumulating oodles of old furnishings and decor that clutter your basement (or the aisles of Goodwill if you did the noble thing and donated to charity).

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Style at Home: The cottage next door: A peek at Nancy's living room

Every one needs a few Happy Places. Spots where they can go to escape from it all and refill their hearts. One of my friend Nancy's happy places is her cozy cottage, with its snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug rooms that look out over a placid little lake. Lucky me: Nancy's cottage just happens to be three doors down from mine. Which makes me mighty happy, too.

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Plumber: How to get hot water faster to the faucet

Q: Hello Ed: I installed a beautiful kitchen faucet and it got me thinking about solving an existing plumbing issue. We're on a concrete slab with the water heater located in the garage. The kitchen is on the other side of the house and we have to run the faucet a long time to get hot water. I'm tired of the wait, any ideas?

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Interior designers always notice these bedroom decorating mistakes

We know it right away when walking into a great hotel room: Everything is perfectly proportioned, the bed is meticulously made and the lighting casts a soft glow on attractive and functional furniture. The rug has the ideal softness under bare feet, and the artwork is eye-catching but not overpowering. Hoteliers craft their guest rooms so effortlessly, so why can it feel so hard to replicate the same look at home?

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On Gardening: Golden Lace, a champion for pollinators

Four years ago, I wrote about a Golden Lace patrinia a new plant to most gardeners and one that is thrilling beyond compare for anyone who loves pollinators. Now after four more years of experience, I can say it is a must-have plant, it is truly like having 'wild kingdom' packed in a four-foot-tall yellow blooming perennial.

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Clean it up: Top kitchen trends for 2018

The biggest trend in kitchen remodels is tidiness, according to Houzz's survey of more than 1,700 homeowners who use the site nationwide and are either planning a remodel, are in the middle of one or have just completed an update.

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Yardsmart: 5 steps to rehab your raised beds

Time is the arbiter of what works in a garden and what doesn't. It's why anything new requires at least a decade to discover its weaknesses. The great raised bed failure is right around the corner as the older wood products and shoddy construction destroy structural integrity.

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Style at Home: Kids room transformation: Georgia's room

Speaking from experience, it's great to be the youngest in a pack of three kids. Despite what my siblings might tell you, as the baby of the family, I was not spoiled, and I did not get away with everything. As our family's caboose, I was pulled along in the whirlwind of excitement that always seemed to follow my big sister and brother. Even today, they are the ones who help me discover the coolest new things, and who make me laugh so hard, my side aches.

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