Hot fix for 49

Need to write some body text.

Every time that a save goes back to NG, it wipes out the added destination and recreates it. Isn't that kind of weird?

It doesn't wipe out the primary, or home, destination, but only the added one. Every time I save. Hmmmm.

My NewsAccess view of the story folder is full of deleted added destinations. Until I click away! Then when I go back, the folder is cleaned up until I save again in CUE. Then the ghost of the destination shows up with a new destination.

Wonder if it does that in NG when you make changes to the original and save. I don't remember it doing that. But who knows. I'm not normally watching NewsAccess while working in NewsDirector.

Let's Change the Game, people!

This was a randomly selected link. But I kind of like it.