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Your Online Matchmaker has access to the first multi-site search and filtering platform in the online dating industry (think Kayak or TripAdvisor); this allows them to search all the relevant dating sites in your area for attractive candidates that meet your specific requirements!? They will then store them in a cloud-based online dating library, constructed just for you. This is updated on a daily basis. In Kansas City, this library will contain roughly 6,000 pre-filtered women (out of 61,000 female online candidates).

• She will then make an initial contact with the highest priority candidates, with the goal of getting your profile noticed. This will tell you which of these women have an interest in you without you lifting a finger.

• By outsourcing your online dating activities to the, we will accomplish these tasks 30X faster than you, increase the population you see by 3X to 5X and dramatically improve your response rate.

• In short, we offer the personalized service of offline matchmakers (charging anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 per month) at a fraction of the cost. So, stop wasting time and see for yourself. Sign-up for your complimentary 30-day trial and let us do the work!!


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