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Test Story for links :P - change name -again 5

This is a story about random things.

I Want to add a lot more links, so here goes a link about ducks, yes duck, I like ducks. Or maybe about boots? I like to use boots, well I did not know a company named boots existed.

Let’s keep moving. I want to add a link about the virus called: COVID-19, since it’s a trend. And maybe some statistics.

Lets keep this one simple.

This is my first time writing a story. I’m not that good I’m writing but I don’t want to use lorem ipsum since I need this to make sense so I’m writing this.

Here is google and this is a link for goooooogle. I’m trying to see if I use different links to see if they are going to be swapt or not.

test test

This will be a short story, now I want to try facebook, yes here will be a ffacebooooook link.

Now we are going to keep moving and use instagram, and yes you might not believe it but here will be an instagrammmmmm link.

Here goes a note Let’s test this with some links. I’m going to start with an embedded item. This is a random test to fill this story so I can test. Once upon a time there was a little sad duck on a pond, he was sad since he did not know how to swim. You might ask, but he is a duck. How come he doesn’t know how to swim? Well, I’m asking that too I have no idea, I think all ducks know how to swim by ducks?

Let’s continue the movie on with this story (here goes a link to twitter, let’s call it twitter link). Suppose this is a link about Trump feeling good.

NEW: Trump also posted a video he posted to Twitter on Monday evening with similar comments and said where he said not to “let it dominate you.” He also said vaccines were “coming momentarily.” Added Tets rail.

Now I’m going to try a link where some statistics about the viruses are displayed. I’m not sure If I want this story to fail or to work.

This virus have been going for a long time and we are getting used to our new normality. It’s scary for some people to be ignored by others. I don’t know what’s worse, not caring because it does not affect me or living in fear that if I do one wrong move I’m going to get infected. I need we need a balance, we need to care enough to take precautions and help the ones who need it, but try to move on with our lives but balance its hard, like the balance between work and personal time, specially on this weird moments of our lives.

So let’s take a break and make some cocktails, have a drink and just let go of your worries for a bit, if you have kids sit with them, read them a book (maybe about ducks again, I like ducks). Take a break, do something you like, distract yourself for an hour and then go back to your daily activities.

God, I need to improve my writing a lot, I have made a lot of mistakes. There is a tool that might be helpful for me to improve.

Added link with long URL -> here

CORRECCIÓN: > Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,

  1. Sed quanta sit alias, nunc tantum possitne esse tanta.
  2. Eam tum adesse, cum dolor omnis absit;
  3. Age nunc isti doceant, vel tu potius quis enim ista melius?
  4. Non est ista, inquam, Piso, magna dissensio.
  5. Certe nihil nisi quod possit ipsum propter se iure laudari.
  6. Itaque sensibus rationem adiunxit et ratione effecta sensus non reliquit.
  • Quae hic rei publicae vulnera inponebat, eadem ille sanabat.
  • Parvi enim primo ortu sic iacent, tamquam omnino sine animo sint.
  • Confecta res esset.
  • Illa sunt similia: hebes acies est cuipiam oculorum, corpore alius senescit;

Satisne vobis videor pro meo iure in vestris auribus commentatus? Cur id non ita fit? Nam Pyrrho, Aristo, Erillus iam diu abiecti. Haec bene dicuntur, nec ego repugno, sed inter sese ipsa pugnant. Quod vestri non item. Recte, inquit, intellegis. Nam, ut sint illa vendibiliora, haec uberiora certe sunt. Negat esse eam, inquit, propter se expetendam. Illum mallem levares, quo optimum atque humanissimum virum, Cn. Quae contraria sunt his, malane?


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