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“I think there was a thought out there amongst a lot of people, including coaches, that the SEC had kind of figured it out last year and they had slowed them down there throughout parts of the year,” Kiffin said. “And then obviously that wasn’t the case, and now they’re right back to where they started a season ago like that LSU game and leading the country in passing offense. It really is amazing because you would not think you’d be able to be so simple in what you do and [have] it continue to work.”

The Mississippi State offense has worked well. It helped spark a 25-point comeback against Auburn on Nov. 13 and had Tennessee State wishing for a running clock by halftime last week. Quarterback Will Rogers comes into the Egg Bowl having thrown for 4,113 yards, second most in FBS behind only Western Kentucky’s Bailey Zappe (4,640). Rogers also has 34 passing touchdowns, good for sixth in FBS.

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2020 Homepage

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2020 Homepage

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2020 Homepage

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2020 Homepage

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