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Church Guns

After failing to overcome Gov. Roy Cooper’s veto last session, Senate Republicans are trying again to allow guns at churches that also serve as private schools. On Tuesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Senate Bill 43, which would allowed concealed carry permit holders to have guns during church services — as long as the school on the same property isn’t in session. The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Warren Daniel, R-Burke, said that concealed weapons are already allowed at churches that don’t host schools. “It’s eliminating what’s an unintended consequence where we want our churches to have the freedom to decide how they do their own security,” Daniel said.

The bill could be headed for another veto. Last year’s version was attached to other gun-related legislation packaged as the “Second Amendment Protection Act,” but Cooper’s veto message only mentioned the church provision. He wrote that it would “threaten the safety of students and teachers.”

This story was originally published June 25, 2021 11:40 AM.

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