Year number increase planned

They're taking over, I tells ya!
They're taking over, I tells ya!

The year number in the Gregorian calendar is expected to be incremented on Monday to 2018.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) spokesman Frank Holstein, said "Yes, that's what will happen at the end of 2017". When asked how he could be so sure, Holstein replied, "What else could we do? We're out of months to add, and there are only 31 days in December." A request to consider 2017.1 was flatly refused.

Amid growing uncertainty, people all over the world are planning to stay up and see what happens. London resident William Tumbleton said he would be watching the year increment, "I usually watch it on the television and that's what I'll do this year too", later commenting "The year always goes up by one. No more, no less."

Not everyone is so sure, however. As NIST spokesman Holstein puts it, "No, of course we've never had 2018 before."

Times Square in New York is one of many locations hosting year incrementing parties. New Yorker, John Walker is planning to attend, "I go every year, it's a lot of fun". He expressed some doubts about 2018, "I mean, I guess December 32nd is a possibility." But, putting on a brave face, he added, "2017 has really been odd, I'll be glad if it ends."