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Missouri offers aid to students at risk of ‘summer melt’

Missouri has a new summer program designed to help high school graduates stay true to plans to enter college come fall.

According to university researchers, many students — particularly low-income and first-generation to college — abandon post-secondary plans in the first few months after they graduate from high school.

This phenomenon is known as “summer melt.” As many as 40 percent of students who graduate with a college acceptance letter, financial aid award letter and a paid deposit fail to enroll in college.

To counter this, the Missouri College Advising Corps is opening a college connections center for the Kansas City area to assist students and increase their likelihood of entering college in the fall. The center, at the Metropolitan Community-College Penn Valley campus Humanities Building, Room 29, is available through Aug. 1, Monday through Saturday, free of charge to students from Missouri and Kansas, with funding from the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation.

Mará Rose Williams, mdwilliams@kcstar.com